REVOLUTION | S1 | Charlie & Miles

Miles is her one good thing left…They went from such a funny place where she was running at his heels, and now they’re just…you can see how much they love and care about each other. They rely on each other. And there’s a scene where we say goodbye, when she leaves to go on her own journey, and that’s tough. It’s tough to say goodbye to him. They adore each other.

Tracy Spiridakos, 2013 Comic Con (x)



Everyone is someone’s kid.

2.11 // 2.17


REVOLUTION | S1 | Charlie & Nora

If she’s staying, I’m staying.

Make me choose: Charlie Matheson in Season 1 or Charlie Matheson in Season 2

Season 2 - Matheson and Monroe

I miss them

Revolution OTP meme:

Sebastian Monroe / Connor Bennett - Scenes (3/6)

2x11 Mis Dos Padres - “Do we want to sell him or bury him?”

Revolution OTP meme:

Sebastian Monore / Connor Bennett - Scenes (1/6)

2.10 The Three Amigos - "Is this not the whitest Mexican in Mexico?"